Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 6: Cowl, Cal, Kal, WHAT????

Check out "Great Lakes Hand Dyed" for beautifully soft and easy to work with sock yarn in incredible colors. Elizabeth is awesome to work with, and ships out orders very quickly.Also, she has some yarn at a reduced price in her shop right now making the value even better.

T.O. the Tiny Owl by Lauren (lemknitcrochet) is a great pattern, well written and decently priced. Go check it out and make a few for your self or a friend. I will be making plenty more myself.

Fo and Ho Kal/ Cal: Go on over to the Fiber Dreams Podcast Ravelry group and post pics of your May Ho's and Fo's for a chance to win a prize.

Thanks for watching!! Feel free to leave a comment either here on in this episodes thread in the ravelry group.

Have a great Mothers Day!!


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  1. Hi Jewls, I just found your podcast. Your son is adorable ! I used to live in Orofino ID.