Friday, June 29, 2012

Episode 8: It's about time

Sorry it took me so long to get another episode out guys. I hope you all enjoy this short episode.

Please check out Great Lakes Hand Dyed. Liz dyes her yarns so beautifully and the yarn is SOOOOO soft and such a joy to work with. You will not regret purchasing Great Lakes Hand Dyed's amazing sock yarn for your next project.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Episode 7: New Beginnings

The pattern for the Bumble Bee I showed in this weeks episode can be found here: Bazzil the Buzzing Bumblebee. 

It works up so quick and it so much fun!! Only took me about a half hour. I will be making another one soon!!

You can find Oswald, Mike and T.O. the Tiny Owl here: Lemknitcrochet Designs

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 6: Cowl, Cal, Kal, WHAT????

Check out "Great Lakes Hand Dyed" for beautifully soft and easy to work with sock yarn in incredible colors. Elizabeth is awesome to work with, and ships out orders very quickly.Also, she has some yarn at a reduced price in her shop right now making the value even better.

T.O. the Tiny Owl by Lauren (lemknitcrochet) is a great pattern, well written and decently priced. Go check it out and make a few for your self or a friend. I will be making plenty more myself.

Fo and Ho Kal/ Cal: Go on over to the Fiber Dreams Podcast Ravelry group and post pics of your May Ho's and Fo's for a chance to win a prize.

Thanks for watching!! Feel free to leave a comment either here on in this episodes thread in the ravelry group.

Have a great Mothers Day!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Episode 4: Excitement Abounds

Hey Everyone, I'm sorry I'm a week late posting a link to last weeks episode. Things have been crazy. Had family over for a week and got married yesterday.

There won't be show notes this week but there will be show notes next week.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Episode 3: Welcome to Side Track Central

Shout Outs and Thank you:
Lauren - Lemknitcrochet Designs Podcast- Thank you for the awesome pattern!!
Rachel - Knit Me Happy Podcast
Sarah - Apple Blossom and Ewe Podcast- Thanks for the mention
Dawn- Wolfe Farms Podcast- Thank you for the little bonus soap for Daniel and the ADORABLE hat and booties (shown at beginning of podcast). Thank you also for the Wolfe Farms Podcast BUTTON. I LOVE IT.
Natalie - Sheepyknits on Ravelry- Thanks for introducing your self and watching the podcast

Angel Wings Shawl
Top Down Sock Design using Socks That Rock Medium Weight in Pink Flamingo
Plain Vanilla Socks using my yarn from Great Lakes Hand Dyed (You MUST check her yarn out. It is a DREAM to work with)

Bunny Nugget (Just slightly scary)

FO's you'll see next episode:
Baby Rattle and Dog Toy using easter eggs and beans for the rattle
Oswald the Lucky Monster
Tiny Striped Turtle

Blast From The Past-
Crocheted Dog Toys for my little Jelly Bean

Something to get excited about:
Size 4, 32" Hiyahiyas in the mail
Nail Polish (Just one more step towards becoming more of a girly girl.)
Painting the little shelf for my desk (Think BLING)
Andrews Mom and Brother coming for a visit soon

Choose any one of my single patterns on Ravelry and use this coupon code: fiberdreams 2012 and get a free pattern.

Clearance Sale in my Etsy Pattern Shop- 50% with the coupon code: movingout2012

Crystal Palace Circ Giveaway

Forgot to mention: The pattern for Daniels Sleepy Time Hat is up on Ravelry now

Thanks for watching!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fiber Dreams, Episode 2: Hey Speedy, What's the hurry?

Shout outs: Dawn- knittinwolf- Wolfe Farms Podcast & Wolfe Farms Soaps and Lotions.
Wendy- Sillyfru- Sassy Pants Knitter

Works in Progress:
Hitch Hiker by - Addi Turbo Lace Size US 3, Knit Picks Palette
More Scrubby Dishcloths using my RR Dishcloth Pattern
More Scrappy Magic Square Potholders
Angels Wings Shawl
in Caron Simply Soft

Finished Objects:
4 Dish Cloths in the “Happy Go Lucky” Colorway
Daniels “Sleepy Time Hat” in Lionbrand Pound of Love- Pattern

Coming Soon:
Small Drawstring Bag
Mini Market Bag

Hiyahiya Sharps: US Size 2, 2.75 mm
Simply Elegant Crochet
Coupon Code for Ravelry Pattern Shop (Viewers Only)

Thanks for watching!! See you guys next week!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Fiber Dreams, Episode 1

I will do detailed show notes next podcast (mine as well call it what it is. Don't know what I was thinking while I was recording yesterday).

You can find the Maroon/black sock yarn at Great Lakes Hand Dyed

You can find my crochet patterns at JR Crochet DesignsThanks for watching!!Julee